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• Mowing
• Trimming/Edging
• Mulching/Pine Straw
• Pruning of Plants/Shrubs/Trees
• Sodding
• Core Aeration
• Fall/Spring Leaf Cleanup
• Bush Hogging Lots/Debris Removal
• Commercial & Residential
• Landscape Design & Installation
• Irrigation Design & Installation
• Irrigation Maintenance & Repair
• Water Gardens
• Retaining Walls
• Drainage Systems
• Flagstone Patios, Borders & Walkways
• Outdoor Lighting
• Fertilization
• Weed Control in Turf and Beds
• Balancing PH in Turf
• Insecticides/Fungicides
• Horticultural Oil for Plants & Trees


• St. James
• Magnolia Greens
• Waterford
Ocean Isle Beach Areas

Creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn takes more than just regular watering and mowing. It takes a carefully designed program of care that addresses each and every aspect of your lawn’s particular health and growth needs. From fertilizing and seeding to weed and insect controls, proper lawn care requires a lot of time and dedication, and that's where we come in. By using our professional services to care for your lawn, you can spend your free time enjoying your yard rather then working in it. We'll design a plan with you to help create and maintain a lawn you’ll enjoy coming home to. Following are some of the basic services we offer:

We can determine the best fertilizer for your particular needs, then apply it in the right amounts and a right times of year to ensure beautiful growth. When applied correctly, fertilizer can improve both the color and density of your lawn, making it less prone to weeds, insects and other pests.

Weed Control: Through the use of a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls, we remove weeds before they have a chance to overrun the health and beauty of your lawn, and with continued care, we keep them out.

Insect Control: With regular inspections and effective treatments, we control lawn insects before they have a chance to do any long-term damage.

Disease Control: A healthy, growing lawn is the best defense against fungi, but if diseases do appear to your turf, we work with you to keep them under control.

Seeding and Aeration: Core aeration involves removing plugs of soil form your turf in order to open up the soil and break up thatch layers. The holes that remain in your lawn will leave more room for air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone. The cores removed by aeration will eventually “melt” into your lawn to help improve thatch breakdown.
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We are professional, reliable and local lawn care services including weed control, lawn fertilization and more. Serving commercial, residential and construction industries.
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